Odd Linux behavior

About a month ago I posted that my GTK+ app stopped getting expose events when I bg'd the app in Linux. Got no response, though.

Well, it seems to be worse than that.

I'm running the program through Putty from a Windows machine. If I minimize the main window, or even just lock the screen, *something* stops working. Can't say for sure what it is, but I've got a console program which periodically sends the GUI updates via pipes, and I left the combo running last night with the screen locked.....and zero progress was made. I get in this morning, unlock the screen, and it starts going again.

This can only mean that the pipes are filling up and not being emptied, which means that *something* is blocking unexpectedly in the GUI.

Does anyone have the first clue what I should be looking for to fix this? I'm using GTK+ 2.12.

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