Re: csv (comma separated value) file

On Mon, 3 Aug 2009, Paolo Bacchilega <paolo bacchilega libero it> wrote :
it's not so easy, for example the following csv file:


has only two columns, you cannot handle this case with a simple g_strsplit call

And for extra fun, I've recently had to handle a CSV format where the first line was:
CSV version 2,.,*,",
when generated in the UK and:
CSV version 2;,;*;";
when generated by our Italian customer. And yes, that does mean that the Italian version used ; as the separator and , for the decimal place, rather than , for the separator and . for the decimal. It also means that both versions use " for quoting, and a line beginning with * is a comment. The tool reading this file is expected to deduce the correct format from that first line.
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