Re: csv (comma separated value) file

Il giorno lun 03 ago 2009 18:45:28 CEST, Tristan Van Berkom ha scritto:
On Mon, Aug 3, 2009 at 12:03 PM, Andrea Zagli<azagli inwind it> wrote:
i didn't find nothing about to manage (read/write) csv files with glib

do you know about something that i didn't find?

Currently its pretty easy using g_file_get_contents()/g_strsplit() if you
can have it all in ram, or using GIO and again, g_strsplit() on a per line
basis if you need to stream it.

yet in fact i developed like this for a very small project. but i wanted to recycle the code by putting/found it in a library

and with a more accurate parsing; for example i cannot split by "," beacause "," can be inside string fields

then i thought to make a more accurate function with some parameters (ex. the character separating the fields, if the first line of the file are the names of the fields, etc.)

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