Changing the GUI dynamically created by glade

hello all,

I am using glade-3 and gtk+ library in C to build GUIs. I have a
special requirement in creating the GUIs.

I need to create window which will have the variable number of
horizontal blocks. In short, the layout of the window will be like :

|    header           |
|------------------------ |
| horizontal box 1  |
|------------------------ |
| horizontal box 2  |
|        .                |
|        .                |
|        .                |
|        .                |
|------------------------ |
| footer of window |

Now, the number of horizintal boxes are decided on run time. Basically
all horizontal boxes are identical in layout and differ only in label
and the callback function connection.

What I needed is to create a GUI in glade which will decide the layout
of header, one horizontal box and the footer of the GUI. I created
*vbox* with three items in glade. One item contains header, another
the layout of horizontal box and the third one the footer. Now, at run
time, I want to replicate the horizontal boxes with its full
properties (of horizontal boxes) and its child widgets. I load the xml
file of glade, but I am stuck at how to replicate the horizontal
boxes. Basically, the need is to replicate the boxes so that all the
properties are replicate. Glade is needed because the layout of
horizontal box can change at later stage.

I guess there would be some method to implement this and get the whole
horizontal widget from glade file and then resize the number of items
of original *vbox* and inserting the new horizontal boxes.

Any help will be highly appreciated.


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