Runtime error on Linux (undefined symbol)


Thanks to folks on this list I was able to finally get gtk+ compiled on
my Red Hat Enterprise Linux v5.3 system.  However, I then complied vim
v7.2.148 with the gui (GTK2), and I got the following error when I tried
to run the vim with the gui:

./vim: symbol lookup error: /usr/local/lib/ undefined symbol: g_signal_new_class_handler

I compiled and installed into /usr/local the glib-2.20.0 and gtk+-2.16.0
packages (and all of their dependencies),  Perhaps there is a conflict
with what was installed on my computer initially?

BTW, I'm using gcc v4.1.2 .

Any information on 'g_signal_new_class_handler' and how to resolve the
issue would be very much appreciated.



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