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 Not sure if this will solve your particular problem, but I had a similar issue with images disappearing at one point. The solution was to put the image widget into an event box so it would get the redraw event.
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Does the image/video area have its own widget or is it on the same widget to which the boxes/spin buttons were added ? If it is shares the same area then you should consider putting the images/video area in its own widget i.e:

    GtkWidget *drawing_area = gtk_drawing_area_new();

or write a widget class yourself.

It could also be your goal to let the boxes/spin buttons overlap the image area... in that case I think its a little harder to get it fixed. Since i'm a so called 'newbie' in Gtk/Gdk myself I can only base this answer on my Java/SWT experience.


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Thank you so much for your response--that fixed my problem.

Another quick question that I think is related to this problem.

When I click on checkboxes or spin buttons, my image disappears. The
callback functions that are registered/connected for these check
boxes/spin buttons are defined to return void so I cannot return FALSE
with them to prevent a paint. Any idea how to resolve this one?

Thank again for your time.


Douwe Vos wrote:
> Do you return maybe return TRUE at the end of your paint expose callback handler... if so I think you should change it to FALSE. And are you realy using the connect functions or are you overwriting the expose-handler of the widget itself?
> Regards,
> Douwe
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> Hi,
> I am developing a video application. I have the images displaying
> correctly. I also have some other widgets on the screen below the images
> like check boxes and labels.
> Whenever I connect the expose event for the images, the other widgets
> are not painted to the screen. A spin button is painted, but labels and
> check boxes are not painted. This is even if I have NOTHING in the
> expose event callback itself. When I do not register or connect the
> expose event, all of the other widget are painted as expected.
> Sorry for such a newbe question--but can anybody explain why this is and
> how I can resolve it?
> Thanks,
> -Andres
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