Re: file open dialog settings?

2008/9/22 Stanislav Maslovski <stanislav maslovski gmail com>:
> Let me ask directly: is there anyone who is working in this direction now?
> Should we form a kind of sponsoring commitee for such an individual? =)
> Half-joking, but having such big companies as Google or Canonical around
> that are willing to support free software this might certainly be helpful.

The file chooser is mostly the work of the wonderful Federico
Mena-Quintero. You can fiind snippets about it on his blog, for

Asynchronous filling of the file chooser (close to your suggestion)
was added in gtk 2.10 by Kristian Rietveld and released in July 2006.
Though I think it's been turned off at some point since due to a
regression with the gnome-vfs backend. Or something like that. It's
supposed to all be working again now, I understand, and works with
completion as well.

I'm sure if you have a good idea for improving performance, Federico
would love to hear it.


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