Re: GTK+ crashing on application startup - WinXP

I wish it could be that easy, but it's not. I have uninstalled all three (gimp, inkscape and pidgin), cleared all folders/reg. keys, and then re-installed only pidgin, no gimp and inkscape, so there should be no collision between gtk+ versions. It's giving me still the same message, though. Anyway, thanks for advice around different gtk+ versions, I will keep that in mind.


Diego Jacobi napsal(a):
It is not related to your drivers.

If you have GIMP, Inkscape and Pidgin 2.5 installed, one may be
conflicting with the other, that will depend on how they are
installed, what version of gtk do you have on the PATH and what
version the pidgin needs.
I think that pidgin is trying to load old versions of gtk used by gimp
or inkscape.
The solution on windows is to not have gtk on the path and have a
different gtk version for each program.

2008/9/21 Martin Štefan <ufan seznam cz>:
Actually I can. I tried gimp and inkspace and both are running with no
I also tried pidgin again, after the installation of those two, but it's the
same old story.
I re-installed my graphic card drivers completely, but no change either.


Can you run any other gtk application? like inkscape?

2008/9/17 Martin Štefan <ufan seznam cz>:
Hello there,

  when starting an application using GTK+ (pidgin in my case), I'm
following error message>

Gdk-ERROR **: _gdk_visual_init: unsupported BITSPIXEL: 0

When I click 'ok', standard MS Visual C++ Runtime error message is
about pidgin being terminated. The GTK+ version I got  is 'GTK+ Runtime
2.12.8 rev a' and it's installed together with pidgin. I tried to
it, manually clean the folder and registry keys and also manually update
binaries, but no success. I got info from pidgin support maillist, that
related to display setting or graphic drivers, but I have not changed

I will appreciate any ideas.

Martin Stefan
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