Re: Large GTK Application design tips

2008/9/11 Paul Stuart <Paul_Stuart seektech com>:
>  I'm about to embark on designing a large application that will use GTK+. I
> was wondering if there are any resources out there that might have tips on
> architecture practices specific to GTk+, style guides, etc. I've written
> small apps, but I'm curious about how things scale up.

This is probably all very obvious, but in my experience (a 100 kloc
GTK+ app in C):

- make your own widgets
- model/view is a very useful, and in fact hard to over-use
- avoid complex class hierarchies
- connect things together with signals rather than function calls where you can
- if I were to start again, I think I'd do most of the gross structure
in Python and just have C for the lower levels
- actually I'd consider clutter
- but of course making heavy use of technologies like that which are
still somewhat in flux and rather new sets you up for a lot of
problems with distribution and maintenance


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