Re: SwingWorker like interface in glib main loop?

man, 08 09 2008 kl. 23:16 +0200, skrev DANIELLLANO terra es:
> I just saw Havoc's blog entry "SYNCHRONOUS IO NEVER OK":
> and I wondered if there is a
> like interface in glib to run blocking code outside the glib main loop
> to prevent locking the gtk+ GUI?
> Do you guys know an easy solution like SwingWorker for glib?

I wrote this GtkWorker some time ago:

It contains a demo of running a heavy prime searcher in a thread, while
easily featuring a progressbar, a process view and a cancel button.

It's in python, but I it could probably be translated in less than an
hour. If I could write C I'd suggest something like it for the glib.

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