okay 2.14.1 - no gtk folders & pango 1.24.5

it creates no folders I see - nothing in either /usr/lib or /usr/local/lib for me. :/

I figured that out because I removed all gtk+-2.0.0 or whatever folders and did a re-./configure and re-make and re- checkinstall install like I've always did with the previous gtks - unless the new gtk resides in a diff. folder I can't find it. :/

other than that why would 2.13.7 work and earlier ones but not 2.14.0 & 2.14.1?? What has changed so bad that would make it quit working for me??

That and gtk+ 2.14.1 will not see pango 1.24.5 on the ./configure stage but again it sees 1.24.4 just fine.


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