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Hello guys. First of all, congratulation for the Jan Bodnar's hard work at this tutorial.
I found it really usefull, but actually I had a problem compiling the code of one of those tutorials. I'll be grateful if you give me a hand on this point.

The GTK+ tutorial / GTK+ Events / A timer example :

In this example we set a timer event every second to call a function time_handler() that refresh GTKWidget showing the current local time on our system.
The application use the following libraries : 'cairo.h' , 'gtk.h' , 'time.h'

The idea is that a string or a 2D clock containing the time format should be showed in the middle of the 'gtk_drawing_area'...
But in my case it just never happends: the timer function operates every second but my main window still empty.

I'm programming the GTK+ GUI aplication on Dev-Cpp at WindowsXP platform and I've had no problem in my previous programming steps.
I've configure the Compiler Options and the Linker libraries to get acces to all the files requiered by GTK+ for win32, adding the path to the references showed by the 'pkg-config --cflags gtk-2.0' and the 'pkg-config --libs gtk-2.0' commands.

Maybe the unique problem is that I've not the GTK/lib/gdi32 installed on my packet (
And as I could read on Internet, this library is charged of somes 2D Graphics rutines on Windows.
I see that is not problem of the 'time.h' lib included by Dev-Cpp by default. Also I've seen that I've a 'libgdi32.a' installed on my Dev-Cpp and the 'gdi32.dll' installed on my system32 by Windows. It could be a problem with the cairo library ?

I really don't realize why my GTK+ application have this lack... I'll be pleased if you coul bring me a little help or opinion about the matter.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading. And I swear you could send me a little tip.
Good bye and Good luck in your life.

Mario from Malaga, Spain .)

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