Re: GTK compile error: ../gdk-pixbuf/gdk-pixbuf-enum-types.h:19:9: error: macro names must be identifiers

2008/11/14 Kristin Branson <kristinbranson gmail com>:
> Because most of the required packages were installed locally, here are the
> updates I've made to various environment variables:
> export
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/home/users/branson/vision/local/lib:/home/users/branson/vision/local/lib64
> export PATH=/home/users/branson/vision/local/bin/:$PATH
> export CC=$HOME/vision/local/bin/gcc
> export CPP=$HOME/vision/local/bin/cpp
> export CXX=$HOME/vision/local/bin/g++
> export LDFLAGS="-L$HOME/vision/local/lib -L$HOME/vision/local/lib64
> export CPPFLAGS=-I$HOME/vision/local/include
> export PKG_CONFIG=$HOME/vision/local/bin/pkg-config

Seems like you setup PATH there... do you have a freshly built
glib installed in that prefix ? you need to be using the fresh glib
tools to generate the enums for fresh gtk+.


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