gtk/directfb: Duplicate symbols in gdkwindow[-directfb].c


I'm having trouble (cross) compiling gtk with the directfb frontend.
(I have asked the same question on the directfb mailing list today.)

I have basically followed the instructions on
(which seems to be unavailable since a couple of days, but it's still in
google's cache).

When I compile gtk, I get a few dozen duplicate symbols, all internal
aliases of function names of the form IA__*. It looks as if some functions
in  gdk/gdkwindow.c should be replaced by those in
gdk/directfb/gdkwindow-directfb.c, but the generic ones are still compiled
and linked to the libraries. The error pops up when gtk-query-immodules-*
is being built (obviouosly I didn't remove it from the Makefile as the
instructions suggested), and will also occur when I try to build test

I tried a few obvious fixes like removing the functions in question (also
from gdkaliasdef.c) or even replacing the generic file with the one in the
directfb subfolder, but then I get undefined symbols in different flavours.
I eventually just linked with -z muldefs, but then the test application
crashes with a null pointer reference in the gdkwindow vicinity which makes
me suspicious, somehow.

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