Re: StatusIcon popup menu

2008/11/5 Roei Azachi <roei zon-networks com>:
> Hi,
> I wrote a windows application which has a StatusIcon.
> upon pressing right click on it, I pop up a menu. my problem is that when I
> click outside the menu I expect the menu to be closed (like most win32
> applications),
> but, unfortunately it does not happen. only if I click on the application
> window, the menu is closed. I tried to connect to "focus_out_event" signal,
> but clicking outside the menu does not emit this signal (again, only
> clicking on the application window emit this signal).
> If someone has an idea, I'll be happy to try anything.
> Thanks a lot,
> Roei

All that i can help with that information is that it is not problem of
GtkStatusIcon but of GtkMenu. The menu is who should close it self
when you clic outside the area.
Check if there is something wrong with it, or check to popup the same
menu from a normal button.


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