Re: Some questions and requests about Gio

Nobody? :-(

2008/10/18 Federico Pelloni <federico pelloni gmail com>:
> I'm developing Ejecter, a small utility to unmount and eject devices
> from the system tray (here its home page:
> )
> It's written in Vala and uses Gio to handle operations on volumes and drives.
> I'd like to know if there is (or is planned to be added) a way to know
> the type of a device, because I should make internal partitions not
> show up in Ejecter.
> Also I have some bugs reported by the first user that I think can be
> related to Gio or Hal (in case tell me if I'd better post on its
> mailing list):
> - Need for complete ejection of usb devices (e.g. my mp3 player is
> still being charged after unmount) - don't know it is (already)
> possible (
> - It would be nice if the error dialog informing that the device is
> busy could display the name of the application using it
> (
> - PalmOne Lifedrive seems to be not recognized by Hal/Gio
> (
> Thank you very much
> Best regards,
> Federico

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