Re: GtkButton with multiple images

You can easily make it with a button and its container.
A normal button is a button with a container and a label in its container, you will want to add a VBox to the container and the image and labels to the VBox.

See any tutorial or try to make it in Glade.

2008/5/19, Karl Schmitt <karlschmitt1969 googlemail com>:

I am evaluating GTK+ for a GUI project
and I like to know if it is possible to add
multiple images with multiple text line
on to a GtkButton surface?

As far as the API says it is only one text string or one image,
but I might be wrong.

|                                 |
|    <Big Image>           |
|    <Big Text>              |
|    <Small Text>          |
|    <Small Images>      |
|                                 |


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