Re: gtk_entry_get_completion() ???

You already posted that. Dont make multiple threads for the same question.

Most IDEs or just text editor orienteds to coding haves the autocompletion feature.
A litle choice menu that show behind the word you are writing. This is very usefull for when you dont know exactly the method name, so you dont have to remember all of them.
If you dont know what is it and you have never seen it, then you are not using an IDE.
On what program are you programming? Notepad?

Also it is used in firefox when you write a word in the search engine, it has autocompletion.


2008/5/15, Lalith Suresh <nightstrike lalith gmail com>:
I'm a newbie here and I was reading through the gtkentry code. Can anyone tell me what exactly gtk_entry_get_completion() does? And I'm not sure I understand what an auxiliary completion object is. Thanks for your help!

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