Re: Movement of columns in GtkTreeView


On Mon, May 19, 2008 at 12:50:07PM +0400, AlannY wrote:
> Recently, I found that one of my favorite application (Banshee, media 
> player, u no) has a weird functionality of GtkTreeView. I think that is 
> that application *feature*, but I want to implement similar feature in 
> my app.
> So, that is the feature? In my app, I have a GtkTreeView with columns 
> etc. But I can't change position of columns. I'm really don't know how 
> to explain it, so I record some test movie of my desktop. It's on Youtube:

This is the column reordering functionality that GtkTreeView implements.
However, columns do not let themselves reorder by default.  Simply set
the "reorderable" property on the GtkTreeViewColumns to TRUE and you
will be able to reorder them by using the mouse (and also the keyboard).



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