Re: Problems with aligning and spacing widgets

On Thu, 2008-05-08 at 11:18 +0200, Sandra Derbring wrote:
> Hello,
> I am working on a GUI that should present a picture representing a
> word, the word and information about it. I have two main problems. The
> first one is: I have created two vertical boxes, positioned next to
> each other inside a horizontal box. In the right one, I present all
> pictures, each in one box. In the other one, I present the information
> to the picture. My problem is that the pictureboxes and the
> corresponding textboxes don't get the same size (depending on how much
> text and how big the pic is). I'd like them to correspond so you right
> away can see which pic belongs to which text. I tried at first to make
> a lot of horizontal boxes with picbox + textbox in it, which solved
> the problem - but the different hboxes were not the same size. How do
> I do to make boxes the same size, both inside the same box and in
> another box? 
> My other problem: In the textboxes, I write a little piece of text,
> and then I have some checkbuttons. The number of checkbuttons is
> different from box to box (between one and five). The spacing between
> the buttons is different and I'd like them to be at the same distance
> from each other in all boxes. I guess this has to do with them being
> different in number and also depending on the text's size. Can I
> adjust this in some way? 

I believe this may be of some use to you:

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