Compositing with GDK/GTK

Hi all,

Certain parts of my application's GUI contain logical widget-like
components, but which are different from GTK widgets (or my limited
understanding of them) in that they do not fit well into a
hierarchical model for several reasons:

- Widget positioning is totally independent of the positions of other widgets
- Widgets may overlap each other and are transluscent
- Notional "space" within my GtkDrawingArea widget is also an
interactive GUI component

For this reason I sought to locate or implement generic graphical
compositing functionality for GDK. I started thinking about how I
might design such a system, and then decided that GDK probably has
some of the facilities that I need.

In particular, the GdkDrawableClass data structure. I would really
like to find documentation for how to implement my own
GdkDrawableClasses, but I can't find documentation anywhere, and while
the header file is very readable, it doesn't contain any useful

Can anyone help?


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