Re: where are resources for the high level GUI design?

I havent had that much of problems.

My experience with gtk is mostly with pygtk and glade, and it is really simple. I read the C docs all the time and it is not so hard to understand, the sintaxis is clean and will be all the same for ever so i dont have to relearn all again when a new version comes.

The only thing i dont like about gtk is that it comes with very few widgets and there are ones that should be in the main gtk package. As a Grid, mouse-editable-progress bars, movable toolbars, widgets for handling directly an embedded gedit, etc. And some others widgets that can be placed on another higher lib with unfrecuent widgets like XYgraphs, time graphs, spectral graphs, terminal or console like widgets (portables, not just vte).
But i can do them for my self, or find any other code in internet to edit and use.

I think that is a good thing centraliced documentation, because there wont be unnecesary out of date instructions out there, but maybe what the reference manual needs is an aproach more like the PHP manual, where people can post example code, that would be very nice.


2008/5/2, zengqiang <zengqianghit hotmail com>:
hi, though from the GTK+ tutorial, it gives really nice explanation on its widget.
However, when I want to learn to make some changes on these standard widgets, concerned with colormap, pongo, etc.,
apparently, they are lack of study resources apart from GTK+ Reference Manual, which is actually
quite complicated and full of strange terms. Even the demo program that comes within the GTK package, cannot run independently.
Though it is claimed that GTK+ is very powerful, it perhaps can only be used by its developers in this case.
I make this post just to know how you guys can be an expert on it?
Obviously, not by wildguess and error& trial, as I did for several months.

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