Re: checking for memory leaks in gtk

On Friday 02 May 2008 2:18:14 pm jcupitt gmail com wrote:
> A useful trick is to run a gtk 'hello world' program under valgrind
> with the --gen-suppressions flag. Assuming you don't have any leaks in
> your gtk hello-world program (!!), the generated suppressions file
> will then make valgrind remove all the system and background leaks and
> errors from your reports.

Till now, this looks to be the most sensible solution. Not perfect, but better 
than what I had before. And if taken from the very start of the development 
and used regularly (and updated regularly) it should be enough to detect my 
leaks. The only tricky part is to not supres some real leak :-D

Anyway, I find this solution acceptable, even if not perfect. Thanx :-)


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