Re: Compiling under Windows using MSCV

I just discovered what happened with the project compiled using a Win32 Console Target. It compiles and runs
(with some warnings about assertions on the console). It just did not found a data file needed and that´s the reason for wich
it crashed. Was not a compiling problem.
Problem solved. Many thanks.
Please, ignore my last message.

2008/5/1, oscar pablo di liscia <odiliscia gmail com>:

Many thanks for all the advices. I wanted to say that I compile perflectly my GTK applications
using MinGW, but I am now triying to do the same using MS-VC++.
None worked.
I changed my target to "Win32 Console Application" and it compiles smootly bu when I try to run it it simply open a console
(i do no know why this does not surprise me...:)...) and produces an error.
If I define the WinMain function as you recommended, the compiler still produces an error at link time:
_WinMain 16 already defined.
I am doing something really stupid probably, but I could not find any clue nor any tutorial and/or documentation
on compiling GTk Applications using MS-VC++
My code is attached to this msg.
Any idea will be welcome.

2008/4/30, Tor Lillqvist <tml iki fi>:
>   char *argv[1];
>    argv[0] = "foo";
>   int argc = 0;
>   return main(argc, argv);

Or even:

#include <stdlib.h>
return main (__argc, __argv);

__argc and __argv are set up by the C runtime at startup based on the
command line used to start the process even for WinMain programs.

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