Re: A problem about programming with Gtk+

On Mon, 15 Dec 2008 12:07:38 +0800
"gordon" <gordon formosa21 com> wrote:

>Dear Gnome.
>     I got a  prablem about programming in Gtk+. The  following program creat a 'Button'.But 
>there is a  problem with the 'static void callback( GtkWidget *widget, gpointer   data )'.
>In this part of the program ,i want to change the cursor before the program executing the for-loop.
>Here is the  problem.In this program ,it always execute the for-loop first and then change the 
>cursor.I do not understand what happen. Could you tell what's  wrong with  my program and how to 
>fix it.Thanks.
>                                                                            Gordon

Hi, I'm more proficient at Perl than c, so I made a Perl version of
your problem, and received a good answer.

See muppet's reply to:

Basically, your timer won't be added to the event_loop until the 
button callback returns. There are some hacks around it, like putting
a do_one_loop in your for loop.


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