Blank windows in gimp and gcin after upgraded to gtk-2.12.9

Hi all,

I found some windows in gimp and gcin became invisible after I upgraded the gtk version to 2.12.9 in Debian testing, and no more happened if I downgraded three gtk packages (libgtk2.0-bin、libgtk2.0-common、libgtk2.0-0 ) back to version 2.8.20.

So I think maybe I should report them to gtk+ developers for help.

Thank you a lot.  :-)

For HTML version of this report, You could take a look at:

<--Blank text region problem in gimp-->
Here I show you a problem of gimp after I upgraded the gtk version to 2.12.9.

The normal "Save Image" box in gimp should look like this: [1]

If I open this dialog repeatedly and quickly when CPU had heavy loading, the text region in "Save Image" dialog sometimes became all blank, I can not see what I typed in the filename region. [2] [3]

<--Blank text region problem in gcin-->
Additionally, I met a similar problem in gcin (a GTK+ based input method platform for Chinese users) [4]  after I upgraded the gtk version to 2.12.9. For better expressing, I uploaded a video clip [5] to show you the problem.

The normal chinese display in gcin should look like this, a rectangle that contains chinese words: [6]

If I type chinese quickly when the machine had a CPU overloading state, sometimes all the chinese words in gcin would disappear, just like the problem in gimp, and the text region would became a totally gray rectangle, I can not see what I typed [7]. ( the video clip [5])

<--How to replicate these problems?-->
There were no specific ways to replicate them yet. We just know most of them happened when we repeat (redraw) something quickly with high CPU overloading state, thus older and slower machines would be easier to replicate them.



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Dec 14, 2008

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