Re: g_timeout_add(0, ...)

On Sat, 13 Dec 2008 09:13:01 -0600
skip pobox com wrote:
>     Peter> Briefly scanning the source-code, I don't think so. The
>     Peter> whole point of these routines is that the callbacks are
>     Peter> always called from the mainloop.
> Thanks.  The return to main loop is key for me.

Calling g_idle_add_full() with a priority of G_PRIORITY_DEFAULT would
have the same effect as a call to g_timeout_add() with a period of 0.
If you wanted the callback to be at the top of the queue of waiting
events in the main loop then use G_PRIORITY_HIGH - but you are then
going to put yourself above some rendering and display operations that
you may want done.

All g_idle_* callbacks execute through the event loop.


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