Gtk RC file - How to set bagkground pixmap to only one window?

Hi All,
I want to set a background pixmap of only one window. I tried example rc file but that sets background of all windows to the same image. I also tried calling
gtk_widget_set_name (ui_home_window,"home window");
where ui_home_window is the name of the toplevel window widget. In rc file I included
widget "home window" style "mainwindow"
style "mainwindow"
  #This sets the padding around the window to the pixmap specified.
  #bg_pixmap[<STATE>] = "<pixmap filename>"
  bg_pixmap[NORMAL] = "wallpaper.PNG"
in my rc file. I also loaded the rc file but I'm not seeing any changes. I was able to set the same pixmap to all windows but how to set it only for one window?

Harinandan S

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