transparent background for a custom widget (webkit webview)


iam trying to embed a webkit webview (gtk custom widget) inside a vbox and make the background of vbox (image) show through the webview transparently. i set the vbox background by changing its bg_pixmap.

webview is a GtkContainer and i changed it to a GtkEventBox to allow for transparency. i also verfied data coming in the webkit engine in the cairo context is transparent.

however i see that the webview shows a black background on inital load and starts clearing it as i start clicking links etc on that page.

My suspicion is that expose is not giving the window with the right background (transparent image) initially. i changed realize to call a apis (bg_pixmap, app_paintable) etc, but does not help.

appreciate any feedback on the problem and any inputs on where to isolate it.

Note: environment is GTK (2.12.9) and X supports alpha.


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