Re: gtk_print

On 2008-08-22, Chris Vine <chris cvine freeserve co uk> wrote:
> These poppler functions are part of the poppler glib/cairo interface.  I
> have never used them but they look as if they will do what you want.
> On converting ps to pdf, you can use ghostscript but you will have to
> set the page size by hand (likewise if you happen to use the ps2pdf
> bash wrapper script for ghostscript - but I imagine you will not want
> to use bash under windows). epstopdf is a perl script which comes with
> the tetex package (but the script doesn't need tetex installed to run)
> and automatically sets the page size from the bounding box of the ps
> file when calling up ghostscript. Despite its name it can be used with
> regular postscript as well as eps.

It seems as of GPL Ghostscript 8.63, a cairo output device was added to
ghostscript. Maybe it possible to using ghostscript API to render a PS
file into a cairo surface.

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