Re: Installing gtk+2.10.12 issues.

 > > WHY is it trying to execute the gdk.rc file, rather than putting it into 
 > > /usr/lib/pkgconfig ?

 > Obviously, it executes $(SOME_COMMAND) gdk.rc gdk-win32-res.o
 > where $(SOME_COMMAND) is not defined.  Look to the makefiles
 > and config.log to find out what command and why it's
 > undefined.

The SOME_COMMAND is WINDRES (which is the Win32 resource compiler),
but the Makefile in gdk/win32/rc should want to use that only when
USE_WIN32 is defined. Why does the original poster get USE_WIN32
defined even when he is building on Unix?

Hmm, or is the problem that for some reason there is no default "all"
target in the generated Makefile before the gdk-win32-res.o target, so
make thinks that gdk-win32-res.o is the default target? Was some odd
version of automake used to generate the from
in this case?


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