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--- Peter <peterbohning gmail com> wrote:

> What does ABI mean?
> What I would love is for someone to explain to me in the most
> technical way possible why this is occurring.  Not different versions
> of libraries, obviously I have different versions of libraries
> installed.  And not some pkg-config thing because then the other
> libraries shouldn't have compiled in the first place, that's what
> pkg-config is for.  Even if pkg-config had the wrong path, if the
> libraries were the wrong version the configure script should have
> choked.
> What's this thing with g_prgname?  Why would such a variable not hold
> the same string across two accesses?  Is that because there's two
> different interfaces to g_prgname and in my case those two different
> interfaces are on libraries with incompatible versions?
> What's confusing to me is that the configure scripts in gtk and glib
> find the right libraries, they compile with those libraries, but then
> programs that use gtk and glib don't run with strange errors.  Whether
> or not I have two sets of libraries installed for the same software
> seems irrelevant.
> I initially recompiled X because something needed the X headers and
> the header packages from Xorg didn't match my libraries and at this
> point dselect (debian package manager) wanted to replace my kernel
> because it wasn't what was expected.  I've compiled X before and it
> wasn't and shouldn't be that much of a problem.
> But please tell me something interesting.  Like that g_prgname thing,
> how does that happen?

I think your expectations are too much idealistic.

For example, I've got tired filing bugs against 'configure' of various
targets - the typical problem in case of my AppsFromScratch being 'configure'
is OK, but 'make' fails.

I simply learned how to work around such problems.

As I have already suggested, if you want to non-destructively experiment,
restore your system using your distro's means, and compile and install newer
versions "aside", i.e. do not install anything into system (/usr/..., /bin/...,
/lib/...) directories.


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