Re: Showing row and column numbers with GtkTextView

On Thu, May 10, 2007 at 08:37:30AM -0400, William Ramsay wrote:
> I'm trying to show the current row and column number in a statusbar below a
> TextView screen.   I get it to work fine for keystrokes, but can't seem 
> to get
> it to work for a reposition of the cursor with a mouse click.   If I use a
> "button-press-event" signal, I can get and show the row and column, but I
> loose all other button press functionality (i.e. placing the cursor or 
> making
> a selection).

The first event handler that returns TRUE is the last that
is run.  So don't return TRUE from your handlers and the
default ones will get a chance to do their work.

Otherwise, doesn't gtk_tree_view_get_cursor() do what you



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