Re: Getting row numbers

On Wed, May 09, 2007 at 01:38:04PM -0400, tj wrote:
> >
> Ok, so how do I get the row number, from GtkTreePath,

In general, the path is not a single number as it can
represent paths in trees too.  If you have a list, the path
consists of only one index though: the row number.

> from 
> GtkTreeRowReference?

By converting it to GtkTreePath and continuing as above.

If you are not going to remove, move, ..., the selected
nodes, it is often easier to use gtk_tree_selection_selected_foreach().

> Where is it one of those. In fact, where are their 
> struct defs? I look in /usr/include/gtk+-2.0 and All I find is thhe type 
> def to it preceded by the '_'. But, no struct definition of 
> _GtkTreeRowReference, etc.

Thou shalt not meddle with the internal representation.



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