Re: Dynamic changing values at a GtkTreeStore with pointers

On Sun, Mar 25, 2007 at 05:17:50AM -0300, Diogo Ramos wrote:
> One point that took me most of my time was this thing that I considered
> a flaw: When we assume that one attribute of a model will be
> G_TYPE_POINTER and we want to store there a string pointer, we don't
> pass a "&pointer", but just a "pointer". It is a little confusing to me
> because I assume that POINTERS are address and address are passed using
> & key.

& is not some syntactic sugar, we are in C, so it is an

It produces the address of the thing it is applied to,
therefore if you apply it to a pointer, you get a pointer to

> Just one thing still bothers me: I noticed that every time I pass my
> mouse pointer throw the row, the cells renderer functions are called. Is
> this right or I made something wrong? Everything is working ok, but I am
> a little concerned about performance.

It is a feature.  If your cell data functions do something
that takes long time -- compared to all the other things
that have to be done to render the contents of the cell --
consider some caching mechanism for visible cells.



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