Re: GtkEntry update problems. Or: How do I force a widget to loose focus?

[ ... ] And I don't "see" the GtkEntry in question from inside signal handers for buttons, menu items etc, of course...

You do.  When the action that requires to commit the update
first occurs, use gtk_window_set_focus() (you should be able
to "see" the window) to get the focused widget, check
whether it needs "activate" to be emitted on it (this can be
done for instance by marking it with g_object_set_data() and
then looking for the data) and call gtk_widget_activate() it
if does.
Ah. I never really noticed the get_focus call... It suspect that getting this right will (still) be somewhat complicated, but I suppose it may be done. I'd still prefer to have a different kind of "leave" or "focus out" signal, though, but I suppose it just isn't there ;-(

Thanks, anyway.

- Toralf

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