Re: UTF8 problem on Windows

Scott Peterson writes:
 > I'm building a mess of dependencies with Cygwin

Your Subject talks about Windows, yet now you say Cygwin. Which one is

Please make sure you understand that software built for Cygwin runs in
a Unix environment (that happens to be "hosted" on top of Windows, but
still). Especially, from GLib point of view, none of the
Win32-specific features get compiled when building for Cygwin. The
G_OS_WIN32 feature test macro, for instance, is not defined in a GLib
development environment for Cygwin. G_OS_UNIX is.

 > here's what happens when I try to make dbus-glib-0.73:

 > undefined reference to `_g_file_open_tmp_utf8'
 > undefined reference to `_g_spawn_async_with_pipes_utf8'
 > undefined reference to `_g_io_channel_new_file_utf8'
 > undefined reference to `_g_file_get_contents_utf8'

These functions exists in a Win32 GLib only (for technical backward
compatibility reasons), and references to them should be generated
only when compiling with Win32 GLib headers. You seem to have a
mismatch between your headers and libraries.


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