installing GTK+

I am using Debian Sarge and I am not an expert of GNU/Linux. I wanted to
install GTK+ 2.10.9 because I need it for inkscape 0.45. I downloaded
the source of all dependencies and the GTK+ from ''. Builded
it succesfully with './configure --prefix=/usr'. I had no problems till
I boot the machine. It is booting to the splash screen of 'nvidia' and
then the whole screen becomes grey and mouse pointer looks like X. After
a few seconds I get a window says to me:'There already appears to be a X
server runing on display :0. Should I try another display number? If you
answer no, I will attempt to start the server on :0 again.(You can
change consoles by pressing Ctr+Alt plus a function key, such as
Ctrl+Alt+F7 to go to conslole7. X servers usually run on consoles 7 and

Actualy I can not log in with graphic interface. There is no login
window. I can not start gdm. How can I fix this problem? I do not know
where I made a mistake. I do not know what information should I give more..

Current GTK+ is default for Sarge. Should I uninstall it first and how?

thanks in advance
sorry for my english...


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