drawing directly to underlying window of pyGTK drawingarea

Hi all,

    I'm using pygtk to create a frontend for a cpp media player engine (helix).  The player engine takes a XID (or windows equivilant) and attaches to the underlying
window.  The engine then draws directly to the window.  When i use a window created natively by my app it works correctly.  when using
a window created by pygtk the video pauses for a few seconds, skips ahead to where it should be, plays fine for a few seconds, then repeats.

audio playback doesn't pause so it doesn't appear to be an overworked cpu.
the engine calls XInitThreads() before the windows are created, it crashed immediately without this.
I tried disabling double buffering and enabling APP_PAINTABLE but neither worked.

so far i haven't been able to get any help from pyGTK list/irc.  any ideas?

Peter Krenesky
Analyst Programmer
Open Source Lab @ OSU
email: peter osuosl org

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