GTK Widgets drawing an undesired background


I've currently got a GTK theme engine which (rather uselessly) overrides every one of the draw_* functions from GtkStyleClass with functions that do nothing. The exception to this is the draw_flat_box function, which is currently drawing a solid white box to the entire area denoted by the window. In addition to the draw_* functions, I've also overridden the set_background function with a similar no-op function.

However, certain widgets are still managing to draw backgrounds; for example, the menu bar, any menus spawned from it and toolbars are all drawing solid black backgrounds. I've looked around the GTK code, but each of these classes use the gtk_paint_box function to do all drawing (with the exception of some line drawing for the shadow type in the tool bar widget), which only performs some sanity checks on its arguments and then chains to my style's draw_box function. So why are these widgets still somehow managing a black background, which must be applied _after_ draw_flat_box? Is this a well-known behavior? And is it correct? Are there any ways to get around it?

Joe Luquette

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