GtkTooltips vs a method on GtkWidget

Why would you ever need more than one GtkTooltips group in a given
application? It seems to me that the process is to create a single one,
and then use it again and again and again for all the Widgets in the
whole program.

In other words, why is there:

        gtk_tooltips_set_tip(GtkTooltips, GtkWidget, gchar*)

instead of 

        gtk_widget_set_tooltip(GtkWidget, gchar*)

which would seem more straight forward function to have.

[I recognize the issue with tooltips only appearing for GtkWidgets which
possess native window resources aka their own GdkWindow, but that seems
an orthogonal matter to the question of why you would need more than one
GtkTooltip group in an app]

While we're at it, does anyone off-hand remember why GtkToolbar has a
method, gtk_toolbar_set_tooltips(GtkToolbar, gboolean) to turn tooltips
on or off for just that Toolbar? I would have thought that better as a
method on GtkContainer that would recursively apply to that Container's
hierarchy in the same way gtk_widget_hide() applies recursively.


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