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Thanks for the prompt response. My comments are in-line.

Your help is appreciated.

- Narayanan 

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Hi Narayanan,

Your understanding about the flow of events in directfb is right.
However, ill have to know some specifications about your need before
1. What is the device from which you are trying to recieve events?
- This is our proprietery development platform running linux. The board
has keys for entering user input. The device driver receives the
keypress events and passes it up to the application layer. At the
application layer, I have a callback function which is called every time
a key is pressed.

2. On what pipe does it write these events for DirectFB?
- The events are written to /dev/usr_input. The callback event provides
the keypad details in the function parameters.

3. You cant use existing input handlers because the pipe they open dont
get your device events?
- I am not using the existing input handlers. I am still using the
inputhandlers/keyboard module for hookup up the device events at the
DirectFB layer. I know I am receiving these events. I think I am also
using the dfb_input_dispatch function to send the event back up.
However, this event is not going to the GTK layer. If there is any other
place I should add some print messages let me know.

4. Does your callback get events? Add a printf there & c if at all its
getting stuff.
- I have printfs at the callback function. I can receive all the events
from the keys on the device. The trick is to send these events back up
to GTK for processing so that the UI can be updated appropriately. We
are currently using one of the demo applications(buttonbox) that comes
with the GTK download.

Anupama Chandwani

Celunite Soft Systems
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