Re: Gtk Event flow

hi Narayanan

sorry to say i don't have any document related to event handling in
Also i do not have any idea regarding device drivers.

what i can say is if you want to know about event handling in directfb, you
can go through files like gtk/gtkmain.c --> function
gtk_main_do_event(GdkEvent *event)  --> gtk gets info about events from gdk
through this function, gdk/gdkevents.c  and
gdk/directfb/gdkevents-directfb.c files.

i think device driver will send event to kernel regarding DFB_Down, in turn
kernel will pass DFB_Down to directfb, in turn directfb will pass it to GDK.
So i think you should process the event  at GDK rather than at device
driver. (i think i understood your question well.)


varun_shrivastava wrote:
> hi all
>     i have uploaded a file GtkEvents.odt, which has a brief explanation
> about event flow.
> This is an extract of what i understood from browsing source code, but i
> don't know, whether i understood it properly and correctly, so i need
> advice from experts
> Kindly provide any suggestions, mistakes and something i missed for the
> same.
> thanks
> varun GtkEvent.odt 

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