Re: 'reloading' gtktreeview when model changes drastically

On Sun, 2007-08-05 at 00:32 +0200, Milosz Derezynski wrote:
> --snip--
>     void
>     Playlist_V::put_track_at_iter (Track const& track,
> Gtk::TreeModel::iterator & iter)
>     {
>       (*iter)[m_track_cr.track] = track;
>       (*iter)[m_track_cr.uid] = track.bmpx_track_id ;
>       (*iter)[m_track_cr.localUid] = m_localUid;
>       (*iter)[m_track_cr.searchKey] = track.title ?
> track.title.get() : std::string();
>       (*iter)[m_track_cr.playTrack] =;
> --snip--
> And yes, this is exactly how it looks like: The row is accessed for
> each of those lines, and each uses a separate call to list_store_set()
> internally. Yes, it i disastrous to performance. One guy on the
> gtkmm-devel list recently made a benchmark and found that the gtkmm
> way of doing this is approximately 75 times (not 75% -- 75 times)
> slower than the C Gtk+ method. 

Youch.  And I recently changed Tasks from append/set/implicit sort to
insert at index 0/implicit sort because it is visibly faster on slower
devices (as well as leading to cleaner code, no more row-inserted events
with unset data).

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