Changing a Free/Open Source Software project

Hello GTK-Developers,

your experiences with working with Free Software / Open Source projects is needed. As part of my PhD thesis and with the goal to support the community to understand itself better, I am trying to find out how projects change the way they work over time, in particular what YOU did to change them.

I have put together a small survey (11 questions, which should take max. 15 minutes) that ask you for your experiences in putting your ideas into reality (for instance when you convinced your project to switch to Subversion, use a new build tool, choose a plug-in architecture, or failed to switch to a different license).

The GTK list is the second list I am contacting with this,
so it might be that the survey contains some questions that are difficult
to understand or misleading. If you find something that needs correcting,
please let me know, ASAP.

Thank you very much, your participation is much appreciated!

Christopher Oezbek

P.S.: Results will be made available at the end of August on

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