gtkprint problems with old printer

I have gtk+ 2.10.14 installed, and neither of the applications I have that use gtkprint (gnumeric 1.7.11, gnucash 2.2.0) can successfully print to my networked laser printer (Apple LaserWriter 12/640 PS, late 1996 vintage). The printer shows up in the print dialog, but all attempts to print to it end with dialogs of 'Error printing Successful-ok' or 'Error printing Too many failed attempts'.

This printer is too old to know about IPP, so in the mac printer setup utility I have to configure it as lpd: (OS X 10.4.10, ppc processor machine)

The cups error log shows:

d [01/Aug/2007:12:54:54 -0400] POST /printers/LW_IPprinting
d [01/Aug/2007:12:54:54 -0400] CONTENT_TYPE = application/ipp
d [01/Aug/2007:12:54:54 -0400] ReadClient() 18 con->data_encoding = length, con->data_remaining = 0, con->file = -1
D [01/Aug/2007:12:54:54 -0400] SendError: 18 code=400 (Bad Request)
D [01/Aug/2007:12:54:54 -0400] CloseClient: 18
d [01/Aug/2007:12:54:54 -0400] CloseClient: Removing fd 18 from InputSet and OutputSet...

Is the bad request a result of CONTENT_TYPE = application/ipp?

Is there any way to get gtk+ to deal with lpd using cups?

David Reiser
dbreiser gmail com

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