Re: Problem with ScrolledWindow in Windows

John Cupitt kirjoitti:
Hi again Ari,

On 10/13/06, Ari Jolma <ari jolma tkk fi> wrote:
Maybe my explanation was not very good. The "virtual" window is really
virtual in the sense that I always create an image, which is just the
size of the actual visible window. The rest is just imaginary space.
Thus the size is not an issue in this sense. And the thing works after
it has "settled" after the first deep zoom-in, as I wrote: usually it
only needs to pan a bit.

Sorry to ask again, but to be very clear, are the coordinates passed
to your expose handler ever more than 65535? That's the limit that
breaks on gdk-win32. You don't need to have a real image bigger than
that, just coordinates bigger than that.

Ok, I misunderstood you. The coordinates that I pass to set_size_request may be bigger than that but the problem occurs before that. Maybe I'm not really understanding what you mean by expose handler?



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