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[On 13 Oct, @12:45, Tim Müller wrote in "Re: Solaris, glib and GTree ..."]
> On Fri, 2006-10-13 at 11:17 +0200, Miek Gieben wrote:
> > I'm using glib in my tools to create a tree (GTree) with 
> > pathnames and some data (from stat(2)). I'm using this
> > structure as the key:
> >  (...)
> > When I print this structure to disk, with g_tree_foreach, something
> > strange happens on Solaris. Some f_name entries get mangled. This
> > happened with glib 2.4.1 and glib 2.12.x.
> >  (...)
> > Could this be a GTree issue on Solaris? I'm really stuck with it :(
> Unlikely that this is an issue with the GTree code, but it's hard to say
> without seeing your code. The best way to get some feedback/help is to
> make a small test case and attach it or put it up somewhere so people
> can have a look at what you're doing exactly.

The code is already fairly small, that was part of the plan :)
You can get the from

The normal, configure && make should to the trick.

If you run:
rm -f LIST t && rdup -Nt LIST ~

you get a list of the files in your home in 'LIST'
This list should look normal, on Solaris it's almost normal.

What this does is: crawl ~ (in crawler.c) and fill a GTree with
the path data, essentially this data is then written to disk.
All the GTree functions are grouped in gfunc.c, but to me these
look al harmless. I suspect a coding error in crawler.c, but then
again, why does it only fail on Solaris.

grtz Miek

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