glib on Solaris


I've written a program that uses a GTree to store a file structure
struct entry {
        char *f_name;
        size_t f_name_size;
        uid_t f_uid;
        gid_t f_gid;
        mode_t f_mode;
        time_t f_mtime;
        off_t f_size;

I'm using this structure as the key in the tree. Later on, I'm
writing this tree to disk (only the f_name and f_mode entries)
to create a:

Now this works on Linux on Amd46, i386, powerpc and FreeBSD (i386).
But with Solaris 10, I get corrupt entries, only 1 in a few hundred,
but there are errors. Either the f_mode or the f_name is broken off.
This is with glib 2.4.1 and glib 2.12.x.

Has somebody seen this too? Any help would be appriciated!

(I'm not subscribed, please cc me in any response)

  - Miek
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