Re: Glade 3 c code generation

Melvin Newman wrote:

This is just a quick question:

I am running Gentoo and I recently installed Glade 3 to do my GUI design. It
seems that Glade 3 does not support the auto C code generating feature of
prior versions... Is this true? If not, how do I enable this feature? It
exports to OO/C++... but I have no idea how to work with that.

I have just downgraded to Glade 2.10 so that I can have it generate the C
code. My project now works perfectly, but I did like some of the stuff in
Glade 3. On a side note I could not get libglade to work either, the
autoconnect feature for the callbacks just would not work and I being a n00b
did not know how to manualy connect callbacks.

Hi Melvin,
   as you noticed, code generation has been removed completely in Glade 3,
code generation has also been widely discouraged for years because of
the dynamic libglade solution.

For C++ you should be able to use libglademm, note that for the
glade_xml_signal_autoconnect () construct to function properly - the functions
it will call must be exported properly, I'm not sure if that spells anything
different in C++ but in C that means that signal callbacks must be global -
and object code must be linked with "-Wl --export-dynamic".


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